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Minimum 2 pax


-Reception of customers at the Hotel.
- Short drive to show the main points of interest in the city. (it is not a city tour).
-Visit to Cruz viewpoint
- Departure from the city towards Monte Verde with a stop at the top of the mountain      for a tea (of local herbs). Offer
- Displacement to the small fishing village of Salamansa and the beach.
-Visit the fishing community of Baia das Gatas.
-Visit the small community of Norte de Baia 1 to see the paintings (graffiti) made in          different houses by artists from the island.
-Small stop on the dune of Norte da Baia.
-Visit at the top of the pebble volcanoes and the small fishing village.
- Return to the city with a small stop at "Pico de Zau" for the last view of the city and      Monte Cara.

Half Day Tour 2Pax Min

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