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Praiataur is a Travel & Tourism Agency founded on November 8, 1989 by the Andrade Rodrigues family,

with Mr. Alfredo Mendes de Andrade Rodrigues. Its corporate objective remains unchanged, namely the exercise of travel and tourism agency activity. Over the years, the small family agency grew and gained notoriety both in CABO VERDE and abroad. Today it is considered one of the reference companies in the Tourism sector in CABO VERDE whose product and service is the brand image.


Praiatur is part of technological platforms at national and international level in which airlines, hotel chains and tour operators are located, which ensure the best commercial conditions in order to guarantee a permanent offer of products and services of the best quality and specific solutions in accordance with the customer's needs. With a structure composed of qualified, experienced and motivated professionals, Praiatur is organized by several functional departments and coordinated by Directors under the supervision of a General Manager. There are several strategic partners, but among them we highlight the partnerships with Solférias, Amadeus, Galileu, Tap, Air Morocco, Best Fly and Cabo Verde Airlines.

PRAIATUR- More than an Agency




As our brand, we strive for excellence. We follow international rules and standards with vigor and zeal so that our customers feel at home, making them loyal to our services and products.



We maintain a close relationship with our hoteliers to always ensure that our guests are treated in the best possible way. Our Staff is constantly educated and trained to keep up to date with developments, rigor and demands.




Since the beginning, our mission has been to serve with high quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.



Since the beginning, Praiatur has earned the trust of partners, mainly Tour Operators, Hotels and Airlines with an exemplary approach and work methodology. Leadership and representativeness was rewarded by becoming a member of “IATA Nº 64-2 02983” AMADEUS putting in liaison with airlines around the world.

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