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PRAIATUR is a travel and tourism agency founded on November 8, 1989 by the Andrade Rodrigues family, with the late Mr. Alfredo Mendes de Andrade Rodrigues as its main promoter. Thus, over the years, the small family agency expanded and gained recognition both in Cape Verde and internationally.

Today, we are recognized as a leading company in the tourism sector in Cape Verde, where our high-quality products and services represent our brand.

PRAIATUR integrates national and international technological platforms, which include various airlines, major hotel chains, and multiple tour operators. This ensures the best commercial conditions, offering a continuous range of high-quality products and services, as well as tailored solutions to meet the needs of our clients and business partners.

With a team comprised of qualified, experienced, and motivated professionals, PRAIATUR is structured into various functional departments, each coordinated by its director and supervised by a General Director, who provides clear and objective leadership focused on the internationalization of the brand.

We have several strategic partners, among them stand out: Solférias, Amadeus, Galileo, TAP, SATA, Air Maroc, and Cabo Verde Airlines.

PRAIATUR- More than an Agency



Create value for our shareholders, clients, and business partners, ensuring the satisfaction of their needs and expectations by providing them with unique experiences through the delivery of innovative and quality services.


ETHICS: We undertake the non-negotiable commitment to operate with total integrity, honesty, transparency, dedication, and quality in all our business dealings.

TEAMWORK: We work together in an orderly, standardized, and meticulous manner, resulting in a high standard of quality in our services.

EXCELLENCE: We identify and apply the best practices in all our activities, constantly seeking innovation and excellence.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: Our existence is justified to the extent that we are able to earn the trust and respect of all our customers.

CREDIBILITY: It is the fundamental foundation that sustains our company, ensuring a good reputation, trust, and loyalty from our customers and business partners.

PARTNERSHIP: We value our stakeholders, qualifying them within a policy of growth and recognition.

SUSTAINABILITY: We are committed to preserving natural resources, social inclusion, and sustainable growth.


Since the beginning, Praiatur has earned the trust of partners, mainly Tour Operators, Hotels and Airlines with our ethics, work methodology, and exemplary approach. Our leadership and representativeness was rewarded by becoming a member of “IATA Nº 64-2 02983” AMADEUS putting in liaison with airlines around the world.


PRAIATUR, Lda. respects the sustainability commitments with regard to the following points:
• Manage aspects and impacts, adopting socio-environmental practices to reduce negative impacts and increase sustainability positives.
• Comply with legislation and other requirements applicable to the business.
• Meet the needs, expectations, rights and duties of stakeholders.
• Continually improve the sustainability management system.
• Maintain commitment to the performance in terms of sustainability of tour packages, products and services we offer to the market.
• Prioritize the contracting of suppliers of more sustainable services and products.
• Manage the sustainability performance of packages, products and services offered.

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