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Discover Santiago Island with all its history and traditions as well as the beautiful mountains, rivers and white sand beaches amidst traditional crops.

The Tour introduces you to the most African Island of Cape Verde with its virgin areas to be explored.

A journey to find our identity.

A journey in the footsteps of Charles Darwin showing all the points he visited, discovered and studies carried out on the Island.

Educational and historical tour revealing the beginning of Cape Verde's journey.

The tour takes a remarkable journey to the year 1460 to reveal the entire history of the discovery of Cape Verde by the Portuguese as well as the geographical and historical importance of that time. It can be said that it demonstrates the ancient and modern history of Cape Verde with its people, traditions, monuments and customs.

Tour of downtown Plateau City with its Portuguese colonial architecture that describes colonial history through the people, townhouse, market, church, military barracks or high school.

Plateau takes the visitor to enjoy our recent history over the years.

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