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Cidade Velha- Historical & Cultural Tourism

Considered as Cidade Velha, also called Ribeira Grande in colonial times, it was the first city built by Europeans in sub-Saharan Africa and the first capital of Cabo Verde. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the cradle of Cabo Verdean culture. There are still several ruins that testify to its sumptuous past, with its history and monuments such as the Pelourinho, erected in 1520, where slaves were flogged. It is the most vivid memory of the time of slavery in Cabo Verde. The Fortress of S.Filipe, one of the great historical monuments of the City of Ribeira, is a testament to the Portuguese presence on the island. It was built after Drake's attack in 1585, the city was garrisoned from this fort, whose construction would have started in 1593. The city has a unique authenticity and represents the beginning of the short but remarkable Creole history.


Time: 09:00-12:30

*Includes: Transfer, Walking Tour & Guide

Tour Tarrafal- Historical, Cultural, Mountain and Beach Tourism

A trip to the interior of the island to discover the valleys, streams and peaks that are its trademark image of the island that in its splendor shows all the details of a Mountainous Island. Passing through Vila de São Domingos, where we visit the Eco Centre, and through the City of Assomada where we will visit the market, everything tells a past or recent story in a very eloquent way. Serra Malagueta, with its natural park, its panoramic views and everyday life, is there to show all the essence of a creole. Arrival in Tarrafal and visit to the historic prison from the colonial era is full of symbolism, history and colonial landmarks. The City of Tarrafal with its bay of crystalline waters protected by Mount Graciosa (looking like an elephant) emphasizes the bay and sings a melody that enchants nature lovers. The North coast side also has its charm as the journey is made through small coastal beaches, villages and diverse crops.


Time: 09h00-18h00

*Includes: Mini-bus, Guide & Lunch

City Tour Plateau- Historical &

Cultural Tourism

Visit of Cidade da Praia, an urban piece of Africa in the Atlantic waters bathed by a strong and attractive culture that enchants visitors. The city seems to pulsate from Praça Alexandre de Albuquerque, a space where those circulating in the Plateau trade, institutional and religious buildings that surround it, and also those who walk along the Liceu pedestrian walkway to the viewpoint (stunning view of Gamboa). The Plateau is flanked by two-story houses that draw attention for their architecture and color, as well as telling an architectural and cultural history of the colonial era. The Plateau and Sucupira market is a journey into African culture with a European touch on an island with more African roots.


Time: 09:00-12:30

*Includes: Guide / Walking tour & Guide



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