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Starting at 8:00 am and ending at 4:30 pm in time to catch the last boat to S. Vicente.

There will be a vehicle on the Porto Novo pier that will transport customers on this return to the island of S. Antão. 
- Travel along the old mountain road towards the Pico da Cruz viewpoint.
- Return to the viewpoint of the "Cova de Paul" crater
-Down on the road towards Ribeira Grande with short stops at strategic points such as
  "Delgadinho" and others.   
- Route in the Ribeira da Torre valley to "Xoxo".
-Visit the fishing town of Ponta do Sol.
-Travel along the coast road to Vale do Paul and can go through the valley to the "Passagem" area.
-I return to the village of Pombas for lunch at the restaurant "Casa Maracujá" 
-Return to Porto Novo to boarding to S.Vicente
- Transfer to the hotel in Mindelo


1 Day Tour

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